Used and Abused

Andrew Antone - Used and Abused

"Used and Abused," Andrew Antone's first new work in four years showcases a brand new sound and evocative autobiographical lyrics. A club-inspired, dance pop/rock ballad, "Used and Abused" reveals Andrew's musical maturity, versatility and ability to continually mold and remold himself.

Produced by Andrew Antone, "Used and Abused" features a melody from international music geniuses, Peer Astrom, David Stenmark and Aldo Nova, with painfully heartfelt lyrics penned by Andrew Antone.

"I hope that everyone can relate to this song," says Andrew, who draws on his own life experiences in writing the track. "I've yet to meet anyone who hasn't experienced a feeling of being 'used' or 'abused' by someone at some point in their life. The honesty is raw and real and I think that is clearly demonstrated."

Over a year in the making, the list of contributors to this track is vast, highlighting the talents of: Seth Allen, Stacie Anthes, Tucker Bodine, Nicholas Coventry, Taylor Lane, Carter Myers, DJ Overtone, Kathleen Stinnett, Craig Thatcher, Randy Tico, Spencer Young, and Daniel Zimmerman.

Studio Album
Released: 11/16/2010
Label: Relation Records
Produced by: Andrew Antone

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Used and Abused - Single - Andrew Antone

  1. Used and Abused